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"Descriptive statistics in excel for medical laboratories'

The starting point for all of your analysis projects

Quick methods and more detailed explanation of what these metrics tell you about your data

"Effortlessly transform your spreadsheets so everyone can use them"

A simple framework for working with spreadsheets

Keeping your projects organised

How to make sure that you and your colleagues perform data analysis projects in a reproducible way

  • Suitable for ALL disciplines of medical laboratories
  • Downloadable guides and resources to keep
  • Exercises that make sure you understand what you are doing, not just going through the motions

"Thanks, you managed to explain such a

complicated topic in a very easy to

understand and practical way"

- Ian Brincat, Medical Laboratory Scientist at

Hospital Mater Dei , Malta

stephen macdonald

Hi, I’m Stephen MacDonald

I have 20 years experience in laboratory medicine

developing a keen interest of all topics statistical in nature in

the lab

it's my goal to have everyone embracing these concepts and

to get us somewhere near using the same, correct